Is it safe to drive with the esc light on?

Of course, if the ESC light comes on, you can continue to drive your car. However, be aware that the ESC light may be an indicator that you are driving on a slippery road, and you may need to reduce speed to improve your control. It is generally still safe to drive when the ESC light is on, but the driver should take some precautions such as reducing speed on the road. If the fault is not user serviceable, it is best to take the car to a competent workshop for expert diagnosis.

Their mechanics can analyse the fault codes and determine the best course of action. Driving with faulty ESP sensors is dangerous, especially if it is raining or you are on roads with less than ideal traction levels. Electronic stability control systems consist of a series of sensors that compare information from the driver with the way the vehicle is moving. But the ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog, and keep our stories free for you and everyone else.

While it does allow for better cornering control, it doesn't increase the amount of traction the vehicle already has (at least as far as the transmission and tyres allow). ESC can also be activated when using a spare wheel with a different diameter than the rest of the car's tyres. If you are driving in slippery conditions and the light keeps coming on, reduce speed to make the car easier to control. Always seek the advice of an automotive professional if you are in any doubt about the operation and safety of your vehicle.

All major car manufacturers offer some form of ESC; these systems can be found in cars, trucks, SUVs and even motorhomes. The quickest way to find out why your stability control light is on is to use a diagnostic scanner to read the codes on the stability and ABS modules. If your vehicle is still under warranty, take your car to the dealer to have the ESC problem properly diagnosed. The reduction in single-vehicle rollover fatalities is the most dramatic, and drivers with ESC are 75 percent more likely to survive such crashes than drivers without ESC.

It is important to understand how your particular control system works because the ESC light on the dashboard can have multiple meanings. When the system is activated, the icon illuminates, letting you know that the vehicle has reached its handling limits. Most Toyota owners will find that when the Check Engine and VSC lights come on, there is a problem with an O2 sensor or the fuel cap. If the light comes on while driving and the button is not selected, it indicates that an error has been detected in the electrical stability control system.

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