How much does it cost to fix electronic stability control?

ESC helps keep your car stable. It reduces the risk of losing control of your car when making sharp turns or emergency steering manoeuvres. If the stability control indicator light is constantly on, it means that the system is either deactivated or not working properly. Volvo, for example, calls its ESP system Dynamic Stability & Traction Control (DTSC), while Porsche refers to its ESP system as Porsche Stability Management (ESC).

The second most common problem that triggers the stability control light is a faulty steering angle sensor. Also commonly referred to as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), it is a safety feature that is included in all modern cars. Electronic stability control (ESC) may also be called electronic stability programme (ESP) or dynamic stability control (DSC). The reason is that they are afraid of what repairs might cost them, as there are many potential problems that could be affecting their car.

The quickest way to find out why your stability control light is on is to use a diagnostic scanner to read the codes from the stability and ABS modules.

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